Readers’ Corner

Welcome to Readers’ Corner, if you are a bookworm or writer you are in the right place. Readers’ Corner is a special sub-category site that is connected to Dragon Knight Chronicles. DKC decided to branch out with Readers’ Corner to help fellow writers promote their work to you our beloved readers.

This site will cater to many different genres but will focus mainly in the lines of fiction. With DKC evolving over the last few months we were in need of a special place to post all our materials for our blog tours and launch weeks. This is the main reason for its creation to give a direct route to you the readers.

Readers’ Corner, will feature a variety of our three different styles of Interviews from Author, Book, and Characters. There also will be a special home for: Book Reviews, Featured Books, New Releases and a Story Corner for our authors that take part in our sister site; “Writers’ Corner” prompt series.

We are always looking for new additions so feel free to add suggestions that you would like to see added onto the site.

Thank you and happy reading everyone,

Katie :)




6 thoughts on “Readers’ Corner”

    1. We actually have to special areas for authors. You found our Readers’ Corner the special spot that will bring you together with your beloved followers.
      There will soon be up and running our Writers’ Corner that will cater mostly to the writers needs. We look to have this officially launched by next week. :)


      1. The three sites we run all together offering plenty of balance for both our writers and readers. The two sister sites are more to elaborate on these bonds authors create with their readers than anything. Plus, we wanted to give all writers a place they could grow a community at. This will be big feature since Dragon Knight Chronicles main site features more towards fantasy while our sister sites expand beyond. I hope this helps we look forward to see your writing :)


    1. I am happy to say that writers’ corner is up and running. We are still adding new materials, but for right now you can view to your liking. We do have our bi-weekly prompt up and we are starting to add new articles. Feel free to stop by and give it a look :)


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